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Milton W. "Scott" Simmons

 Milton W. "Scott" Simmons

Counseling is an affirming relationship between two people.  My goal is to help a person 
with a problem better understand the obstacles that keep them from reaching a solution.  
This awareness often facilitates a desire in the person being helped to change the way 
they think, feel, or express themselves.

During the past six years I have been affiliated with the Trauma Recovery Institute as an 
intern, trainee, and trauma therapist.  I gained skills and understanding needed to treat 
emotional trauma with children, adolescences, and adults.  Emotional trauma is the result 
of a scary, personal, subjective, experience the person had, or an experience they saw 
someone have, or an experience they heard about someone having, that produces residual, 
unwanted feelings, beliefs, or behaviors that are called symptoms when problematic in 
their life.
The cause of those symptoms may be unknown or not appear to be connected to a former 
experience, may create unwanted behaviors the person canít stop doing, and be extremely 
painful and or burdensome to everyday life.  I have counseled many people who have 
symptoms linked to emotional trauma.  The good news is that trauma related symptoms 
can be reduced or eliminated with effective treatment.

Some symptoms that may result from emotional trauma are:

Distressing dreams/ nightmares * panic/anxiety attacks * flashbacks * physical pain with no 
known cause * avoiding certain people, places, or activities * loss of interest in former 
significant activities * restricted emotional feelings * detachment or estrangement from others * 
gaps in memory, especially in childhood * not having a future * difficulty falling or staying 
asleep * being irritable or having angry outbursts * hyper vigilance * increased startle response 
* difficulty concentrating * self injurious behavior * frequently depressed or irritable mood 
* believing one is worthless * usually feeling unsafe * relationship dysfunction * any unwanted 
behavior that canít be stopped; following symptoms seen in children * repetitive play and or 
reenactments with trauma themes * scary dreams without recognizable content.

I began my career in 1964 with a BS degree in psychology.  Classes in psychological testing 
qualified me to become a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  Since then I earned a Masterís 
degree in counseling, completed a Doctorial program without dissertation in education, 
completed a three year training program in mental health counseling, a two year training 
program in family counseling, and a year internship with two years extended training in trauma 

In 1988 I opened a private counseling practice with the focus on trauma treatment.  So that I 
may better understand how to serve my clients I continue counseling education annually 
through special studies, certification training, and professional seminars.

I see myself as a most fortunate person with good health, good relationships, and doing what 
I love. I get to work with people.  I am always humbled to be part of a personís struggles and 
see them grow and get what they want.

My credentials:
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Trauma Therapist
Certified Addictions Counselor
Certified Rehabilitations Counselor (ret)
Certified Hypnotherapist



4334 Brambleton Ave.
Roanoke, Virginia 24018

(540) 776-1943